From: Tom Bates
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2008 2:42 PM
To: C.M. Gyenes
Subject: Re: AA1NZ

Hi Charlie...

When I take a couple of days off, it's usually a week or so until I get caught up at work. I will do an official report shortly which will also be published on the 3905 web page.

For now, here's a synopsis of what transpired with a couple of pictures attached.

15 contestants.
First Place - AA1NZ - Hi-Q - Score 118.8
Second Place - NJ9T - Predator - Score 115.2
Third Place - K0WJ - Predator - Score 104.4
Fourth Place - WA3EOP - Hi-Q - Score 78.1 (micro car - Ford Festiva)
Next Scores were: 73.6, 51.9, 37.6, 34.8, 30.8, 18.4, 13.5, 9.9, 5.9, 2.7, and 1.7 (hamstick on roof mag mount)

It was really super. On Thursday night and Friday, I drove into the Eyeball site with a Hamstick mounted on the car (you can see the double mounts in my pics). I only went in with the Hi-Q attached on Saturday morning just before the shoot out started. You just can't imagine the jaws dropping when I showed up with that. And another thing...While driving on the streets of Hanover, PA on the way to the shootout, people walking on the sidewalks would just stop and look up at that beauty on the roof of the car. They would just stand there looking up and with their mouth wide open !!! It was perfect.

I'll send more later.