The Hi-Q-6/80 RT-MC-3-H
Ruggedized HF Military
antenna modified for HAM use.

Remotely Tunable/Motorized (RT)
10 thru 80 meters

This is the 2008 Hi-Lite of the Hi-Q- HF Mobile antenna design! SPECIFICALLY developed for the USMC for ON the MOVE vehicular installations.

Now available for the HAM community.

These antennas are serving our troops HF communication needs in our and foreign militaries.

The Coil CAP and BASE are CadCam designed and CNC machined out of 6061T6 aluminum billet or Stainless Steel. The lower mast is 2,5” dia. 6061 T6 aluminium tubing with a mounting plug that can utilize the Mil. Spring Base # 4245-1 OR use a Hi-Q base adapter that mounts with a ½-20 SS bolt and insulating wafers.  Cap has also 3/8-24 threaded hole for the Hi-Q WQD or for the Hi-Q WQD/FoldOver.

The Coil base is now screwed together with the lower mast, an “O” ring guarantees a watertight sealing.

Each lower mast is engraved and a hidden Serial Numbering is present.

The Hi-Q-6 is designed to be used with the Hi-Q Clover Leaf CapHat or the NEW EB-8 for MAXIMUM radiation Efficiency on 80 M. It is optimized for the 80 M band, however it performs great on the 60-40-20-15 and 10-meter bands.

The loading coil is SPECIALLY developed for Hi-Q by BAYER, it is highly modified Hi-Impact Polycarbonate with UV protection added in additionally being BLACK.

The Coil and metal components are LIFE time guaranteed!

Antenna Technical details

Antenna height: 3 ft, no whip

Antenna weight: 10 lb (6061T6)

Electrical characteristics:

Resonant freq. Low:

3.5 MHz

Base length:

2 ft

Whip length @ 3.5:

7.6' with Hi-Q-CapHat


Radiation Resistance:


Electrical length:

19 degrees

Degree-amp area:


Ground loss (std inst):

2.0 Ohms

Antenna "Q":


Power handling:

SSB legal limit

Match with shunt coil

 Or with 1000  pF


Coil Data:


45 uH (total coil)


850 Ohms

Wire size:

12 AWG

Coil diameter:


Coil length:

8"(6" tunable)

Coil Pitch:


Coil "Q":

590 (measured on HP 4342A)

Loss resistance:

2.4 Ohms

100 w I (rf):

3.5 amps



Radiation Efficiency:

26 %

Relative Radiated power:

-5.5 dB

Bandwidth for 2:1 vswr:

40 kHz




NOTE: All data shown is at PERFECT CONDITON on a VAN’s TOP Center. Your own installation will vary the shown data.


The NEW RUGGEDIZED Hi-Q-5 and -6 MC-3 HF antennas.

L to R Hi-Q-5/80 RT MC-3H Stepper Motor tuned
Hi-Q-6/80 RT MC-3H DC motor tuned
Hi-Q-6/160 RT MC-3H Stepper motor tuned
Hi-Q-6/160 RT MC-3H DC motor tuned

 HI-Q-6/80 RT-MC-3-H Shown with Optional EB-8 CapHat

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