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Updated September 24th 2013



Attention Hi-Q HF Mobile antenna owners!

We are receiving inputs from customers, mostly from 18 wheelers that they have surpassed the Million miles on the Hi-Q antenna installed on their rigs.

Example: N6HH has 2.59 million miles on his Hi-Q-5/80 antenna bought nearly 20 years ago. (Four different rigs).

It you have a story to tell about your million mile Hi-Q antenna, do it on and GET A FREE Hi-Q Replacement for FREE.

73, Charlie W6HIQ

News Release!

As of this day of August 24th, Hi-Q-Antennas (Hi-Q-MilitaryAntennas) are again in full control of Manufacturing, Marketing of ALL of the Hi-Q antenna products.

Please make all Sales and Warranty  request direct to:

The Hi-Q website will reflect all of the changes after my return from vacation end Of September.


73, Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ


BREAKTHROUGH in the Hi-Q HF Antenna tuning SPEED!

Tune from 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz in less than a second!

No more waiting around for your antenna to catch up with your radio to QSY!

Patent Pending!


We are pleased to announce that the step by step improvement in the Hi-Q HF antenna’s loading coil’s tuning time From 160 M to the 10 M band went from the DC motor tuned time of > 1 minute to STEPPER motor tuning (controlling) To 20 seconds with appropriate software!
Note that the task is to change inductance from appx. 350 uH down to < 1 uH.
That is: move the contactor appx. 12” in vertical distance and maintain accuracy on frequency repeatability within < 1 kc. This was alright, BUT still not fast enough for ALE.

Further development has led to the NEW RT (Rapid Tuning) Hi-Q HF antenna where great improvement in FRICTION and WEIGHT reduction of the Hi-Q Patented loading coil design. By employing Silver plated BRASS balls and Silver plated loading coil wire the combined friction and contactor weight
Has resulted in a 400% reduction in friction and allowing a size 17 stepper motor to do the Rapid Tuning.
The controller used for the RT antenna was developed for the Hi-Q Military Antennas by QCI, it now tunes ...

From 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz in 700 milliseconds!

However the Radio Frequency Propagation does not require an antenna to be tuned from 1.8-30 MHz normally, it is more standard that one change frequency in smaller blocks keeping up with the Day-Night propagation. Being aware of this we make to loading coil contactor to be in the MIDDLE of tunable coil, therefore cutting the tuning speed to HALF! Further to this now one can achieve very fast tuning, for example: Antenna currently tuned to 10 MHz and need to go to 14 MHz the tuning time is 40 ms!

Software developed to remotely tune the frequency range from 1.8-30 MHz allows having over 500
Channels (frequencies) in addition there is 10 channels can be dedicated to discreet frequencies that are NOT accessible to the radio operator to change, Only to the radio shop technician.

The RT antenna is now available, supplied with the NEW stepper motor, QCI controller and software that runs on Windows 7.

Charles M. Gyenes, W6HIQ, HA5CMG and VA7HIQ

RT-RApid Tuning Stepper motor
w/ Cable Assy.
Silver Plated Loading
Hi-Q Emergency Submarine Antennas
w/ RT (Rapid Tuning) Stepper Motors
Hi-Q RT Stepper motor, Cable and
the QCI Stepper Controller
The Hi-Q RT Antenna w/
Stepper motor and lead screw
The QCI Stepper motor controller
running in windows



Special offer to ALL PAST and FUTURE
Hi-Q-antenna owners.


Write your PRODUCT REVIEW of your Hi-Q antenna use in and and receive FREE $35.00 Hi-Q-Accessories or your choice or get a discount on your NEXT Hi-Q-Antenna purchase.


This is your opportunity to vent your likes and dislikes of your Hi-Q HF antenna.
This will also to help us to serve you better in our future HF antenna development.


o Time you own it
o Antenna model
o Replaced what type of antenna
o What are your favorite frequencies?
o Has to be THRUTHFULL, as you are putting your
name to it!
o E-mail to:
We Will NOT edit it, but will verify its content.









The CARE and FEEDING of the Hi-Q Antenna. 

Protect your investment: 

 Keep it CLEAN! 

  • Remove it before going thru a car wash, the chemicals they use will attack the aluminum parts and in some cases, the high-pressure flow will penetrate inside the coil thru the coil base.
  • In states where the roads are salted and other snow/ice meting chemicals used in the winter, DO WASH off your antenna with your garden hose.
  • Due to the NIGHT/DAY temperature changes, there is CONDENZATION on the mast as well as in the coil; it is wise to dry it up at times.

Call if any questions. 




Customer Comments

Hi Robert,

I decided to write after listening to Sammy's view points about various
things. I am going to disagree with his understanding about some things
like the impedance matching coil at the bottom of the mobile antenna.

I can send you high resolution photo's of both the High-Sierra and the
HI-Q antennas if you want better visual information. I originally
bought the High-Sierra because HI-Q did not exist or was so new that I
was unaware of them. Otherwise I would have gone straight to the HI-Q

All of the motorized "screwdriver" antennas similar to the High-Sierra
type design are knock offs of Don Johnson's (W6AAQ) original design.
Don had used a metal 2 inch pipe as the base and a 1-5/8 inch PVC pipe
piece as the coil form. The length of the metal pipe (about 3 feet) was
selected to be long enough to house the "screwdriver" motor, the PVC
form length (about 18") and the length of standard threaded screw stock
that made the PVC coil form move in and out of the metal pipe.

This style of "screwdriver" antenna worked on the principle that the
coil portion inside the pipe is shorted and does not appear as part of
the antenna loading. Only the coil part above the bottom metal pipe is
the active loading coil. So, in order to tune the antenna to resonance
you vary the amount of the coil form sticking out of the metal pipe.

However, that only tunes the antenna to resonance; it does not address
the matching (SWR). Why ? Because, with reference to 50 Ohms, the
antenna's base impedance at resonance is going to be quite low due to
the shortness of the antenna. The base impedance is typically around 12
Ohms or lower, with the value varying based upon the effectiveness of
the mobile ground plane which entails a number of its own issues. In
order to have the antenna match the transmitter's characteristic
impedance you need to provide some method of artificially raising the
antenna's feed point impedance. Typically the easiest way to do that is
with an auto transformer. It is constructed out of #10 or #12 copper
wire coiled with a diameter of 1-1/2 to 2 inches with 8 to 11 turns and
is attached between the feed point of the antenna and ground. You
compress or expand this small coil's length to achieve the needed
inductance for matching the feed point to the transmitter (i.e., lowest

Usually this is needed for 160, 80 and 40 meters. This coil is less
effective as the antenna and mobile ground plane approach an electrical
quarter wave in length. Leaving the matching coil in place is not a
problem on the higher frequencies. So, a one time installation and
adjustment of the matching coil is all that is needed unless someone
messes with it.

Also, you generally cannot achieve a perfect SWR across both 80 and 40
meters but will find a very reasonable compromise. 160 meters is
another story altogether. If you have a mobile antenna that includes
160, then you could use a relay or some other method to switch between a
tap that works for 160 and a tap that works for 80/40. For 160 meters,
the coil would have to be longer; i.e., more turns. You will have to
determine that experimentally. It is easily corrected with wire cutters
if you have too many turns.

There are only two hard parts of the W6AAQ design. The first is being
able to turn the PVC pipe in a lathe to make the threaded grove to hold
the wire to form the coil itself. The second hard part was attaching
the copper finger stock to the top of the metal pipe. Except for the
lathe and copper finger stock, everything else was available at a
hardware store like Home Depot. Don Johnson's (W6AAQ) original ideal
was published, I think, in either QST or 73 magazine. So it was easy
for people to duplicate.

From Don's effort sprang a host of people making their version and
trying to become millionaires. Some peoples efforts have produced
better ways of making certain aspects of the basic product. However,
all of these antennas will vary their total length based upon the
frequency of operation, with the longest length being on the lowest

HI-Q ( ), devised a new concept in the
design process wherein the designer took the approach of keeping the
length constant and varying a movable shunt inside the coil. This
allowed for making an enclosed, watertight coil housing that kept the
coil and the shunting finger stock system protected from the elements
greatly increasing the life expectancy of the product. HI-Q is
committed to their product and use very high quality components and top
notch construction. HI-Q is a small family owned business, yet they are
committed to their customer and customer support.

To my knowledge, HI-Q was the very first to do this. HI-Q has been
quite active in making sure their product maintains a high degree of
quality and have made some incremental improvements as well as new
products. They have also been making antennas for the US Navy for use
on submarines, as well as for our troops on the ground. After the HI-Q
product had been on the market for more than a couple of years a couple
of other companies started producing a similar product. I have no
direct knowledge of these other products except what I have seen in
pictures. I did not get the impression they quite measured up, but that
is only my opinion.

For additional technical information, a very good WEB site is W8JI, an RF engineer who was the chief engineer at
Ameritron, is quite knowledgeable and has several pages of good
information that is well the worth the time to read. In particular, his
page on Mobile and Coil Loaded Antennas at



The TRUTH about the 2009 3905 Vista California mobile antenna shootout!

First, go to the 3905-Century Club website then look up 2009 Vista Ca. shootout results.
Then look up the 2008 shootout results, compare carefully.

Do this before you read on!

Did you see something interesting?!

In 2009 it was apparent the ALL of the Hi-Q HF Mobile antennas where the WORST including the NEW Hi-Q-6/80 that is used by our military and NASA!

Most interestingly the Hamsticks where SUPERIOR to the Hi-Q antennas as well as couple DK-3’s and a tarheel.

Hmmmmmmmmm, what has gone wrong?
Did Hi-Q place a 50-OHM dummy load resistor in his antenna?

Lets look at these 2009 results, how was it taken and WHO did recording of the test results;

Well it really was a sophisticated set up: a loop antenna, a $9.00 Harbor Freight DVOM that had GREAT response to the HAND or the BODY’s relativity to it, as it has given great choice of readings and at times the READER would make switching from scale to scale, then choose a number.
Attempts where made to SOFTEN the jumping numbers on the DVOM with Clip on Ferrites, moving the coax cable etc. None helped.
Quote from an eyewitness, “The fella from QRZ tried to rectify this with his and my own Ferrites, but this did not change anything.”

(On the other hand, did the Score keepers really wanted to correct it)?

GREAT, let me see who is at the line up with what antenna!
(Ask tom AA1NZ who where the “READERS-Score keepers” of the flickering read outs)!

So is it W6HIQ or just any Hi-Q, let me see, should it be nice low number like 14 mV for Charlie! YEAH, I got it!

Hmmmmmmm K0WJ had a great set up, 4’ diameter Caphat (no, he did not drive with it here, he just want to win)! Then he can write a great eham review, bashing the Hi-Q’s.
So let’s give him a 160 mV score! Plus a Hi-Q antenna for First price.

By noon it was over and I have presented to the?winner? With a Hi-Q antenna as a first price.
Some weeks Later the ?winner? Has disqualified himself and have sent the antenna to the runner up, (BUT NOT BEFORE HE USED IT as a BASEBALL BAT, as it was broken when the runner up ham got it.
Yes, the runner up was a tarheel!
Why! That is great, since the Hamstick has also scored better then the

O.K. Hi-Q antennas do not have to win all the times, but now lets look at the 2008 results.

The WINNER Was AA1NZ with a Hi-Q-6/80 RT MC-3 SCORE: 118.8 mv (same antenna I was using at Vista and got 14. mV score)

Call: Antenna Recorded voltage in mV

AA1NZ Hi-Q-6/80 MC-3 118.8 mV

W5IL Hamstick 2.7 A 43:1 ratio

N2OCW Hamstick 1.7 A 70: 1

Ratio in relative to an antenna that RADIATED the RF not dissipating it as heat!

NOW let us go back to the Vista results:

W6HIQ Hi-Q6/80 MC-3 14 mV

WB6BFG Hi-Q-5/160 30

W5IL Hamstick 56

AD7DB Hamstick 40

Therefore, what is it the 2008 or the 2009 results are correct?
Where the NUMBERS COOKED in 2008 or in VISTA 2009?

All of the attendees with Hi-Q antennas at Vista has requested from tom bates, AA1NZ to DO NOT PUBLISH the results until he personally inspect, calibrate HIS ( $9.00 DVOM) with the loop antenna AND
DO A RE-TEST! (Oh yeah, he offered it to me to check it but I know nothing about his DVOM).
He has balked on it for months! Finally, after dozens of mail to him he did a Re-TEST:
GOD Behold, tom won again with a Hi-Q antenna BUT No, he would not publish those results, ha had to publish the FLAWED results from Vista.
(Well, I tell you his secret:
According to him, the results where as expected:

Hi-Q= 188 mV, Hustler= 79 mV Hamstick= 62 mV

Gee, where was the Vista winner, tarheel, etc.

Again did he COOKED the numbers?

Ask him to share those SECRET RE-TEST results with you, as it may be embarrassing for him to admit PUBLICLY, that his equipment produced FLAWED readings!

His email:

Oh, that is O.K. it is only the Hi-Q-Antennas did bad, let us give a hand to ALL Hamstick s!

There where SIDE effects: Nasty profane phone calls to Hi-Q:
“You MF-FRAUD, you sold me an antenna and now Hamstick s is beating all your Hi-Q antennas.

“I say: Anyone out there believes that a wonderful $20.00 Hamstick has GREATER Radiation Efficiency then ANY HF mobile antenna, NOT even mentioning the Hi-Q product line, should turn in his or her ham licenses and go back to CB land”.

Then the KNOW IT All’s came: K0BG!

(Anybody that has OVER 60 subjects on his website, pretends to be an EXPERT on all, HE IS EXPERT ON NONE)!

Look up his biography: I have NOT seen any doctoral degrees in any field of electronics, no brand name test equipment and the KNOWHOW how to use it’
OH YES, he does have usable ideas (or complied them from other people, plagiarizing, like how to do a good grounding and where to place the ferrites or toroids!

K0BG has thrown his hat in the ring, ( allen has for the past six years has written numerous articles praising the four Hi-Q antennas he has (or had).
In October he choose to REMOVE all of his references, crying like a 15 year old school girl, that I had hurt his friends feeling (and his) by doing what needed to be done: STAND up for my good name and the reputation of all of the Hi-Q products by threatening to hire a lawyer to defend my rights!
(And YES, I did)!

History cannot be easily erased, look up on Google: SITE: hiq

Now he is attacking the Patented Hi-Q design criteria and had this paragraph published on his website:

Antenna Buying Guide-Reputable Manufacturers:

“There is one manufacturer located in California, (whom I won’t mention due to liability concerns), WHO HAS MADE A REPUTATION OF SLANDERING, THREATENING, AND INTIMIDATING BOTH CUSTOMERS AND COMPETITORS ALIKE.
Here is a way to tell if you are dealing with the company in questions. Ask about the recent antenna shootout results. If you get a satirical diatribe, rather than an honest appraisal of the outcome, hang up and go elsewhere.”

Come on allen, have balls to say Hi-Q-Antennas!

Then there is the fine machinist: ron scorpio!

Nice machine work of a WARMED UP Don Johnson screwdriver antenna, he must be the 15th who has KNOCKED of Don’s original design!

BUT, being a machinist DOES NOT make any one an antenna designer!

Look at his website, the TEST data he is showing was ALL done by ME, with my HP lab equipment.!
This is the guy who has spent TWO days at my house (on my invitation)
Turned to be a back stabber by ASKING MY machine shop mgr. to “JUST CHANGE some of Charlie’s components an make them for me as well!
Not stopping there, he has called my Electronics Engineer: DEMANDING that JUST CHANGE the NAME on the Hi-Q antenna controller and sell it to him! “Charlie is well to do, he can loose some sales”!

My final comments:

Ham radio was to be a fun hobby, some idiots have turned it into a vial nasty sport to bash the successful ones, as they cannot stand to see a better product.
I pride myself to be the SOLE supplier of HF Submarine Antennas to certain Navy’s, designer of NASA’s HF antennas for Space Exploration and of course On the Move antennas for our military.
Ham’s getting the benefit of those designs as well.
We have the test equipment to evaluate the NEW Hi-Q designs, however the ULTIMATE testing/evaluations is done by our military both in So. Carolina and in San Diego California.
I NEED NOT rely on tom AA1NZ to prove the Hi-Q antenna performance.
In addition, YES, I did turn these SLANDERING, libelous and DAMAGING comments to my person and my products, to my ATTORNEY!

My request from you: Please make your own comments/experiences to the above-mentioned EXPERTS and to as I’am very confident of my products.

73, Charlie, W6HIQ



Hi-Q is TEN year old!

On Our TENTH anniversary we are making a SPECIAL Offer:

Maintain the Last years Special Holiday Price list, including the Hi-Q-3/80 RT antenna at $295.00


W6HIQ, Charlie

NEW Product from Hi-Q-Antennas,

June 2009
Hi-Q-6/2-30 RT NVIS antenna specially developed for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


In Production Now! 

The NEW Hi-Q-4/80RT M-1H and the Hi-Q-4/160 RT M-1H HF mobile antennas.

Completely redesigned internally and with external looks: ALL BLACK Loading coil.

Newly formulated Modified Hi-Impact Polycarbonate LOW LOSS coil housing
(Same as the Hi-Q-6 series antennas).

Main features: 

    o Redesigned Coil Cap and Coil Base, Improved Silicon “O” ring sealing 

    • Hi-impact coil housing with greater wall thickness.
    • Lowest possible coil loss with SILVER PLATED Aerospace # 12 wires.
    • NEW higher speed, higher torque gearhead motor with Extreame Low temperature synthetic lubrication.
    • Tunes from 10-160 in <1 minute.
    • NEW precision stainless steel leadscrew for linear actuation.
    • Lighter weight: 5 lbs
    • Silverplated WQD is installed at no extra cost.
    • 2’ X 1.5” highly polished lower mast.
    • Built in REED SW for pulse output for the Hi-Q DC controller.

    Place your order now on the website to get on the TOTEM pole of delivery schedule.
    Expected delivery date: Oct. 2008

    Hi-Q-4/80 RT M-1H      $550.00

    Package “B”         600.00 

    Hi-Q-4/160 RT M-1H              $ 600.00

    Package “B”        650.00 

    73, from the Hi-Q INNOVATOR, Charlie W6HIQ 


E-Mail from IRAQ

From: "Kitchings GS15 David (CF RCT1 3/6 LEP)"
To: "C.M. Gyenes"
Subject: [U] HI Q IRAQ

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Hello Charlie,

I have been so busy and sorry for the time it took to get these photos. The Marines are beginning to understand more about HF and the interest is increasing. Attached are several photos of the TAD NVIS deployed by the USMC here in IRAQ. I have talked to our battalion commander and he is well aware of your contribution and concern. Please feel free to use the photos in any way you wish. It is a done deal...HI Q is talking in IRAQ! I have not had time to contact anyone else yet, but I hope to get to that soon. How is everything going? I will send some other photos in the next email after this one because it may be too much for one "send"


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

From: Buzz Loeschman
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 7:02 AM
Subject: YI9WV update

Hello Charlie,

My name is Buzz and my call is NI5DX. I am the QSL manager for YI9WV, Kitch, deployed near Fallujah, Iraq.

I wanted to give you an update on Kitch's activities with your antenna. He has been using the TAD exclusively for some time now. His QSO total is over 6000 as I write this and the majority of these are using your antenna and 100 watts of power. Since putting up the TAD his total Qs has increased dramatically. He is/was quite surprised at the ability of the antenna to "hear" as well as it does. He has worked stations on all bands from 80 to 15 meters, with a few contacts on 10 meters, as well. Kitch has continued to work about 90% CW, with some PSK31 in the log also. The large majority of entries in his log are Europeans, but he has had some nice openings to North and South America on most bands, including many US stations working him on 40 meters.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of his antenna setup at the "margarita hooch" as he calls it. This is his operating location when he is in camp, but he operates from outside the camp location with no difficulty by carrying his equipment, including the TAD, in a gun case.

Thanks for making such a fine antenna for portable use. If it were not for the TAD, Kitch could still operate, but it would be much more difficult for him to get everything set up to go. Your antenna makes it very easy for him to get on the air quickly and with a minimum of effort in assembling his station.

Feel free to use this email and/or the pictures on your website.



(PS: I am thinking about a TAD, as I like to operate from some IOTA spots nearby and a lighthouse close to my QTH. Seems the TAD would be perfect for my use, as well.)


(Click for Larger version)

Hi-Q-Antenna's doing it's part: Supporting our Men and Woman in Iraq and elsewhere by
donating Hi-Q HF Mobile and NVIS antennas for greatly improved HF Communication.

The Innovators!

Announcing the "EB" (Egg Beater) CapHat!

Due to its LARGE Capture Area In comparison to a 3' long whip installed on the Hi-Q-5/80 RT antenna the following IMPROOVEMENT was measured on the HP VNA.

Frequency Product Net Freq KC Improvement
On the VNA Over the 3' whip
3.560 3' whip 3.560 0
3.210 Hi-Q Std Caphat 3.210 350
2.790 EB-4 (4 lobes) 2.790 770
2.660 EB-8 (8 lobes) 2.660 900
2.340 EB-8 + 3' whip 2.340 1,220

Please note that the 3' whip length is chosen to  maintain the overall Hi-Q- Antenna height of 6'.

When an other 3' whop was installed on the TOP of the

EB-8 CapHat, then having an overall antenna height would be 9' and further improvement is realized.

This method of adding whip length to the top of the EB-4 or EB-8 to achieve the 13'6" limit great improvement can be measured.

So what will it buy for ANY HF mobile antenna?

You can "SEE" the difference by setting the resonance to a given low band frequency, example; 3.900 kc, count the NUMBER of turns of the EXPOSED (active) TURNS with your existing whip length. Then install an EB-4 or EB-8 and count again the EXPOSED TURNS!

WOW! MANY turn less at the SAME frequency resonance.

Which then translates to LESS coil wire resistance and GREATER RE, (Radiation Efficiency).

Priceing: EB-4 $75.00

EB-8 $85.00

Plus S&H of $7.50

This is all great! But while you are trying to improve your OLD CONTRAPTION by the Brand X makers, why not go for the GOLD Standard:

A Hi-Q-HF Mobile antenna!

73, from the Innovators!

Patent Pending.

ADDED January 27, 2008

Hi-Q-NEWS Release

We will be at the 2008 International DX Convention in Visalia!
April 25-27, be  sure to stop by and say hello!
We are donating a Hi-Q-4/80 RT Package "A" Mobile antenna. This is over $500.00 in value.
So spend a few dollars on raffle tickets!!!
73, Charlie

Hi-Q-NEWS Release

The NEW Hi-Q-6/2-30HF Submarine antenna has proven to be substantionally better than the Hi-Q-5/2-30 HF submarine antenna! Although it is 4 inches shorter than the -5 antenna, being ONLY 50" tall the Radiation Efficiency is many dBi better than expected.

It has been under test for over 4 mos. Mounted on a large Dodge Van for imitation of a submarine sail.

On the Air test is mostly on 1.800 to 2.000 MHz and 3.600 to 4.000 MHz with either an Icom Pro II. Or a Mobat Micom-2R transceivers with less than 100 watt RF output.

Voice communication on the 160 M band up to 2000-mile radius was achieved and on the 80 M band the Pacific Rim countries and to the US east cost war regularly done at the appropriate times of the day.

Several times the South African station, ZS6CCY was heard on 3.795 MHz, but was not possible to penetrate the huge pile up of stations calling him.

We are very proud of this Extreame Short HF antenna and we are considering a Ham/Commercial version to be released early next year.

Charles M. Gyenes, W6HIQ, HA5CMG

Now delivering The NEW Hi-Q-HF mobile and base stn. Antenna.


The derivative of the famous Hi-Q HF Submarine antenna, employing the Re-Entrant Coaxial CapHat design (Patent pending).

This design has GREATER RE (radiation Efficiency) than any of the Hi-Q design to date.
Remotelly tunable 10-160 M utilizing either the 12/24 VDC gearhead motor or the NEWEST Hi-Torq Stepper motor.
The DC motor version is controllable with a simple DPDT SW, MFJ-1922 or other antenna controller. An INTELLYGENT controller been developed and under Beta test by AE2F Designs.

For the stepper motor version a simple UP/DOWN controller is available or again the AE2F Design Intelligent controller.

The Hi-Q EX antennas comes in three versions: Hi-Q-4/10-160, Hi-Q-5/10-160 and the Best one: the Hi-Q-6/10-160 M.
All has the capabilities to add a long whip or combination of a whip and Caphat for GREATER RE on the LOW bands.
Stealthy for the CC&R dwellings.

Hi-Q-Antennas, Charlie W6HIQ

Updated Models 3/29/09!

The Hi-Q-6/2-30 HF Submarine antenna.
Max. height: 50"
Max. Diameter: 5.940"
Remotelly tunable from: 1.8-30 MHz
Developed for the US Virginia Class Submarines 
The Hi-Q-5/2-30 HF Submarine antenna.
Max. height: 54"
Max. diameter: 5"
Remotelly tunable from 2-30 MHz 
The Hi-Q-5/1.8-30 HF Submarine antenna.
Max. height: 60"
Max. diameter: 5"
Remotelly Tunable from 1.8 -30 MHz. 
The Hi-Q-4/2-30 RT Submarine antenna.
First installed in the HMS GOTLAND
Submarine in 2007 , San Diego Ca. 
The latest Hi-Q HF Submarine antenna,
developed for the Future AIP submarine.
Max. height :157" (4M)
Max. diameter: 4" (102 mm)
Remotelly tunable 1.6-30 MHz
The Next Gen version will do ALE. 
The LATEST Hi-Q HF Submarine antenna,
developed for the FUTURE AIP submarine.
Max. Height: 157" (4 meter)
Max. diameter 4" ( 102 mm)
Remotelly Tunable from 1.6-30 MHz
Stepper motor tuned. 

The NEW Hi-Q-5/80 RT-H


* New Lower mast, 1.5’ diameter X 2’PAB (Polished and Buffed) Stainless steel.
* NEW # 10 (.100”) diameter aerospace wire a  special Mill-run for Hi-Q
* New hi-Strength Proprietary mix Lexan with light bronze coloring and UV protection.
* Max height , no whip: 33”
* Weight            <7 lbs
* Max Radiation Efficiency (RE) with CapHat and 8’ whip:

Ideal set up for MAX RE:

Size 3 CapHat plus 8’ whip:     ONLY 26 turns of WIRE the possible 42 is USED!! Now you are READY for DX on 3785 kc!!!
Lowest freq:        2.6 MHz
Highest freq:    20 MHz

Only the # 3 CapHat used:   
Lowest freq.;     3.0 MHz
Highest freq.:    22 MHz

Only a 3’  whip used:       
Lowest freq.:    4.2 MHz    
Highest freq.:    30 MHz

Only a 2’ whip used:       
Lowest freq.:    4.4 MHz
Highest freq.:    30 MHz

Only a 1’ whip used:       
Lowest freq.:    4.6 MHz
Highest freq.:    up to 56 MHz

Note: there are over 20 criteria’s for a center loaded HF antenna.
ONLY seven of those are changeable by the designer, Hi-Q has considered those and has NOT SPARED any expense in choosing the right material with the right proportions.
In a WATERtight, loading coil assembly lays the heart of the Hi-Q Patented design.

The contactor travels smoothly, changing inductance with a 720 degree contact thru a SILVER or GOLD plated fingerstock (And no, you never be in contact this Silver or Gold plated fingerstock and be dangers to you health as the JEALOUS Brand X maker is claiming).

Before you buy any Hi-Q antenna ASK the Brand X CONTRAPTION makers few questions about their RE (Radiation Efficiency). Bet you none will answer because they DO NOT have any measurements they would dare to disclose.
May even ask them HOW MANY antennas they have designed for our military and Navy!

73, Charlie, W6HIQ

ADDED MAY 09, 2007 
Hi-Q-Antennas™ will be in Dayton!

Hi-Q antennas will be displayed in the M2 booth in Dayton.

73, Charlie

ADDED MARCH 18, 2007 

The Hi-Q HF-5/SEA antenna was successfully tested on the US Navy’s Special COMBATANT Craft in Norfolk VA. This special craft is operated by the Special Operation forces and the Navy Seals. This HF antenna was specially designed for adverse operating conditions and to with stand up to 20 Gs on rough seas.

In Philadelphia, at the NAVSEA Warfare Center, the Hi-Q-5/OE-1538 HF antenna was demonstrated for the US Submarines HF antenna upgrades. This 54 inch tall antenna must operate from 2 MHz to 30 MHz, be CONTINOUSLY Tunable and take up to a kW power input. Between December '06 and March '07, I have had this Engineering Prototype submarine antenna placed on the test stand at my W6 QTH and have worked ZS6CCY three times on 3798 +/- longpath, all QSOs confirmed by Bill via e-mail! The Hi-Q-5/OE-1538 HF antenna's Radiation Efficiency has surpassed the currently used HF antennas on our submarines by double digit dBs (specs are classified).

See pix and more on this on the Hi-Q-Military Antennas website. I expect to have a HAM version of this Extreme Short HF antenna within the next few months on the Hi-Q-Ham website.

73, Charlie

MARCH 18, 2007 

AE2F Designs, LLC, is developing an intelligent controller for the Hi-Q-Antennas Tune-a-Dipoles. See for more information.


A NEW Submarine antenna for the US Navy is NOW under test. It has a tuning range of 2-30 MHz and will handle 1 kW as requested by the Navy. The other requirement of having it resonate on 30-88, 114-250 and 270-500 MHz has also been met!

Some basic details:
  • Max height allocated for the HF Antenna in the periscopable Radome: 54" tall. THAT IS Fifty-Four inch Tall!!
  • Max overall diameter is 5"
  • Directly fed with 52 OHM Coax.
And YES it works: on 10/08/2006 ZS1Y and ZS6AVN have heard me on 14,200. 10/10/2006 VK3 and ZL1INU, heard me. My power was 500W. On 10/18/2006 WORKED VK2ZF, got 5X5 report on 3793! 10/18/2006 Worked XF4DL. Plus a lot of US "Locals" on 80/40 and 20 M.

Further tests will be on ALL HAM frequencies, then on the Mil. freq. as needed.

Hi-Q is Proud to be the Premium designer of EXTREMELY SHORT Hi-Efficiency HF antennas.

73, Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ
ADDED JULY 28, 2006  (Updated September 04, 2006)

We are pleased to announce that the US Navy has delivered to a Friendly Foreign Government, through Foreign Military Sales, the NEW Generation Hi-Q Submarine antenna, July 2006. It has been chosen above of ALL of the military antenna manufacturers current products!

Interesting specs: Max height: 92", Max Diameter at any point: 4" (no large caphats!) Must be TUNABLE from 2.0 to 30 MHz and have BETTER Radiation Efficiency than anything out there today! The project is so SECRET that neither I, nor US Navy personnel, could be at the installation of it.

Under test are now SEVERAL HF antennas, NVIS and Vehicular for both the US and Foreign Governments.

UPDATE!! On September 1, 2006, an installation of the Hi-Q-4/2-30-SM (SubMarine) HF antenna was completed and all of the required tests were performed, including 'on the air' tests. This antenna has performed way above expectations and both the Swedish Navy and the US Navy were pleased with the results. I was happy to be the part of the test program. The performance of the Hi-Q-4/2-30-SM was outstanding, with the salt water under my antenna enhancing the effectiveness.

73, Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ

Before Installation

After Installation

ADDED JUNE 28, 2006 


To show our appreciation and thanks for those Hams who are currently serving in the Armed Forces, Hi-Q-Antennas is offering up to $100.00 in free accessories when purchasing any new Hi-Q HF Mobile or NVIS antenna. See our How to Order page for full details. Thank you for serving our country!
Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ

ADDED OCT 4, 2005 

Hi-Q "PLUG and PLAY" Packages announced

Hi-Q-Antennas is now offering a GREAT "PLUG and PLAY" complete installation package. Supply your own coax, two or four conductor cable and connector (power / turn-counting), ~4ft whip, controller or DPDT switch and antenna mount, and you are on the air! You have a choice: standard antenna with individual accessories (just like before) OR choose the Plug and Play packages with GREAT SAVINGS! Plug and Play packages are available with each of our RT Remote Tune antennas. See the individual antenna pages for more details.

ADDED OCT 4, 2005 

Hi-Q-2.5 RT-S and Hi-Q-3 RT-S announced

New from Hi-Q-Antennas: The Hi-Q-2.5 RT-S and the Hi-Q-3 RT-S -- Replacements for the Yaesu ATS-100/120. RT stands for Remotely Tunable, and the S stands for Short. Covers 10-80 mtrs, less than 30" tall, weights 3 Lbs, K-400 mount compatible, 3/8-24 stud mount. Special price: $295.00. More details on the Hi-Q RT-S page.

ADDED OCT 1, 2005 

New Improvements to Hi-Q HF Antennas

Several NEW improvements have been added to the Hi-Q 2006 models, as of October 1st 2005:

These are OVER $95.00 improvements at NO EXTRA COST to you and are in addition to the substantial savings you will realize by taking advantage of our new Plug and Play packages. It is OUR intention is to EAT the DINNER (NOT just the lunch) of the brand-X competitors! See and compare the PERFORMANCE, QUALITY and PRICE! Work the WORLD with Hi-Q HF Mobile antennas!

ADDED JUNE 1, 2005 

Hi-Q European Web Site available

PA3DUV has created a Hi-Q-Antennas web site for European users. See

ADDED MAY 16, 2005 

Hi-Q represented at FPED5 show at Quantico Marine Corps Base


The FPED5 was held this year at the Quantico Marine Corps Base on April 26-28, 2005. Sponsored by : DoD, DoJ, Joint Chiefs of Staff, NIJ, and the Technical Support Group!

The Hi-Q-4/3-30 TAD ( Tune-A-Dipole) antennas where displayed and demonstrated (working Europeans daily) by Life Safety Systems. Another company was showning the Hi-Q-4 on a Hummer at the same show. (Gee, no Brand-X makers represented)?

For show details look up:

"We design and DELIVER HF antennas that RADIATE, NOT dissipate RF"!

Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ

( Click pictures to enlarge )

ADDED January 15, 2005

Warning! Protect your investment! Keep your Hi-Q Antenna CLEAN!

It has come to my attention that wintry weather, especially in states where the roads are salted or sprayed with substances that are apparently CONDUCTIVE, a phenomenon will happen: like if the loading coil was hit by lightning!

Two antennas that I received back, which were not cleaned after being on the vehicle for weeks, had measurable resistance from 500 to 10,000 ohms ON THE SIDE THAT WAS FACING in the driving direction! The "LIGHTNING" strike mark is on the same side. Absolutely no measurable resistance was on the "CLEAN" (back) side.

We are using GE LEXAN especially developed for our use for the Mil-Spec antennas (same for the HAM's). It has UV protection, extremely tough and holds up to the elements. But when COATED with CONDUCTIVE SALT and/or GRIME from the road, it will react to hi-power and HIGH RF voltage. These occurrences have happened when there was hi-power being run on SSB and in one case on CW.

Therefore: It is a must that one keeps the LOADING coil clean and if the weather is foggy, wet, slushy, and/or dirty from road grimes, it is a good time to reduce RF power and protect your investment. I suggest using RAIN-X or no touch RAIN Shield on the ENTIRE antenna.

The center loaded HF Mobile antenna has the CURRENT BELOW the CONTACTOR position on the LOADING COIL and the HIGH VOLTAGE from the top of the CONTACTOR to the TIP of the whip! It is a good idea to use a CORONA BALL on top of you whip (We shall make them available very soon). In addition, be aware of DRY STATIC-charged air, where summer lightning is a reality, and DISCONNECT your coax cable from your rig.

Note: Hi-Q will honor the FIRST "lightning strike" and replace the coil at no cost to you until May 2005 after that we will replace the loading coil at cost plus shipping and handling.

Please KEEP the antenna CLEAN!

73 - Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ

ADDED December 19, 2004

Using Hi-Q Antennas on 6 meters

Click HERE for details.

73 - Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ

ADDED JULY 1, 2004  (Updated December 19, 2004)

W6HIQ Aeronautical Mobile

Here are some pictures of W6HIQ/AM - the TEST bed for future Hi-Q-Aeronautical HF and VHF antennas. ( Click pictures to enlarge )

See you on 14.185 Aeronautical Mobile!

73, Charlie Gyenes





5/80 and 5/160 versions of the Tune-A-Dipole -- Now Available!

TAD's (Tune-A-Dipoles) are the STATE of the ART Hi-Q design. Developed for our military, where the criteria for portability, fast out-of-box set up and frequency coverage. It is within the HAM and Commercial use range. I now have the 5/80 and 5/160 versions of the Tune-A-Dipole available. Check out the web site for information and pricing.

73, Charlie Gyenes


NEWS FLASH! -- Price Reductions!

Big Price Reductions HAVE ARRIVED! Demand is high for my antennas, and this has allowed me to reduce nearly all prices. Check out the web site for new pricing. Thanks for your support of Hi-Q-Antennas!

73, Charlie Gyenes


New The Hi-Q-2.5/80 Tune-A-Dipole -- Now in Production!

NEW from Hi-Q-Antennas!
Now you can receive your Tune-A-Dipole(TAD) in a nifty Gun Carrying case! The case will give you a convenient, protected way to transport your TAD, plus has room for a small portable HF radio, battery, etc. The case costs $50.00 (includes shipping in the USA), or FREE when you order the RT Remotely Tunable version of the TAD.

Hi-Q-Antennas has gone back 8 years and reintroduced the Hi-Q-2.5/80 Tune-A-Dipole 10-80 Meter HF Portable antenna. The Tune-A-Dipole is available in both a Manually Tunable version and a Remotely Tunable (Motorized) version.

The rotatable Hi-Q-Tune-A-Dipole HF antenna is very light and transportable -- just 7 pounds -- with the longest element only 34" long, when broken down for transportation.

It is based on the Hi-Q-2.5/80 XTL (Extra Light) HF mobile antenna. A pair, back to back, assembles in minutes. The Hi-Q loading coil (Q=360) handles a full kW and will tune CONTINUOSLY from 10-80 M including the NEW 60 M band. Works great on a Tri-Pod or a mast from your vehicle, no radials needed and uses a 52-ohm cable without any matching device.

It has 2.2 dB gain in comparison to the standard HF mobile antenna.

Ideal for QRP companion, where every bit of radiation efficiency improvement helps.

Get your order in now and SAVE with special introductory pricing, for a limited time only. Also, while they last, get two, 3 section spring base whips at no charge with your order -- a value of $25.00! And don't forget the FREE Carrying Case with purchase of the RT version.

Remember that the Hi-Q products are not cheap copies of a Don Johnson type antenna!!

Hi-Q-Antennas... Always LEADS, never FOLLOWS!

73, Charlie Gyenes, Hi-Q-Antennas


New Giant Hi-Q-5/80 Antenna -- Now in Production!

Hi-Q-Antennas has developed the "GIANT" -- The Hi-Q-5/80 Giant HF Mobile antenna.

More Pictures: (click to enlarge)

Keep your eye on this website for additional details.

Hi-Q-Antennas -- "The leader of the PACK!"

73, Charlie Gyenes

POSTED MAY 25, 2003

Visalia International DX Convention &
Dayton Hamvention
-- Big Success!

Thanks to ALL 114 of you that bought one of my antennas at the Visalia DX Convention and the Dayton Hamvention. And for the 172 of you who ordered an antenna and opted to wait for the shipment and delivery back log of nearly a month... thanks for your patience and understanding.

73, Charlie Gyenes


Test Lab - Click to Enlarge An Inside Look: The Hi-Q Test Lab

We measure our HF Mobile antenna performance with high-end test equipment, to back up what we advertise!

Click Here to view pictures of the lab, and to see a list of equipment being used to design and test the full line of Hi-Q-Antennas.


Click here to enlarge New from Hi-Q: The Hi-Q-2.5/80 XTL

Replaces the Yaesu ATAS-100 & 120

SPECIFICALLY designed and being manufactured to REPLACE the poor performing Yaesu ATAS-100 and 120, the antenna systems compatible with the Yaesu FT-100, FT-847 and FT897 HF radios.

The Hi-Q-2.5/80 XTL will mount on light duty trunk-lid type antenna mounts, like the Diamond K-400, without having to drill holes in your vehicle. Weighs just 3 pounds!

The RADIATION Efficiency is a dozen times greater (the RE of 3.6 vs. 0.2) and it will tune from 10-80 M continously. An auto tuner is being developed to interface with the FT-100 and other HF mobile rigs. For now, it will remotely tune with a simple DPDT Switch.

The Hi-Q-2.5/80 XTL is now available. Click here for more information and to order!

For more news, don't forget to check out our Message Board

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