Hi-Q Piranha -6R/160
Ruggedized Version of the -6
lease Contact Hi-Q Antennas for differences between the -6 and -6R Models


PIRANHA Antenna Specifications.



The NEWLY developed PIRANHA series of Hi-Q Antennas are the derivative of the Military On the Move HF mobile and fixed station antennas.

NEW! - 6/160 "R" MIL.

Major improvements:
                Hi-Impact Modified Polycarbonate coil housing

                Silver Plated # 12 propriety coil wire
                NEW disc with Silver Plated BRASS balls for precision tuning.
                Lower mast is 2’ long, black anodized.
                Silver Plated WQD is installed at no extra cost.
                Mounting hrdw. Included.

Mechanical details:


Lower mast: 2’X 2.5” Black Type III. Mil. Spec Anodized

Coils size; 5.5” dia.X12” Long, All black Modified Hi-Impact

Antenna height: 3’

Weight: 12 lbs


Mounting: Directly on the Shakespeare Style 4245-1 RIGIDIZED spring or

                  On a Hi-Q Bolt adapter.

Tuning: Hi-Q-DC  Controller or aftermarket controllers

Power requirement: 12/24 VDC < 500 ma. Precision German made gearhead motor turning the linear leadscrew.

Electrical Details:


1.9 MHz

Electrical Length

10 degrees

Degree amp.


Antenna "Q"


Loading coil "Q"


Loss resistance:

4.7 Ohms

Radiation Efficiency

6 %

Relative radiated power

-12.2 dBi

Feed point imp:

9.0 Ohms

BW@ 2.5:1

18 kc



3.8 MHz

Radiation Efficiency:

28 %

BW @2.5:1

14  kc




Freq:7.2 MHz


Radiation Efficiency:

67 %

Relative radiated power


BW @ 2.5:1

160 kc

Excellent performance on higher bands.


Note: All data shown is at IDEAL and perfect condition, your installation will vary in data points.

Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ, HA5CMG and VA7HIQ

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Hi-Q Piranha -6R Antenna
 $ 795.00    $ 49.00  
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Hi-Q Piranha -6R

NOTE: The Mil. Mounting stud is the OPTIONAL item for the
Hi-Q-PIRANHA. Please ask in a separate mail if you want  it.

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