Installation Ideas: Submarines
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Evaluating the Chilean HMS SIMPSON Submarine's need of an HF antenna
Chilean SS SIMPSON" U-209 Submarine
Hi-Q-5 SM, Hi-Q-6 SM and the Hi-Q-4 SM antenna under test for INTERACTION.
Hi-Q-4/2-30 RT MS in the Swedish GOTLAND Submarine mast.
The Hi-Q-4/2-30 SM antenna before the Integration into the GOTLAND Swedish Submarine by the US Navy's Antenna Scientist.
Look for him on HF, he will talk to you on the Hi-Q Sub. antenna.
This is the GOTLAND Swedish AID Submarine, has the Hi-Q Sub antenna installed on in 2007, now the FUTURE submarine is getting the Hi-Q HF Mast Mounted antenna.
Chilean Submarine, evaluating the Mast mounting of a Hi-Q antenna
Submarine antenna before inserted in the sub's mast.