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This section of our web site describes the various ways you can receive support for your Hi-Q-Antenna products.

Important Note: For Support for Hi-Q Models Hi-Q-2.5 Hi-Q-3, Hi-Q-4, and Hi-Q-5 Please visit Hi-Q Amateur Radio Products.

CONTACT ME: Please ONLY call us for you Hi-Q -6 series of HF antennas as shown on the HiQAntennas website.

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Hi-Q-Antennas™ Installation Manual Word Doc
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If you can't get the help that you need via the above support vehicles,
then you can find my e-mail and phone information on the Contact Me page

European users see Hi-Q Europe web site
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Parts for Our Antennas:
REP Design LLC
Hank Breedlove Machine Shop
Radio Dust Covers
Hank Breedlove Machineshop
Roy's Sailboat Homepage

Attention VALUED Customers! 

We at Hi-Q-Antenna striving to design/develop/manufacture QUALITY HF Communication antennas with a constant back up SERVICE.It has come to our attention thru Hi-Q-Antenna users that there are some eham Product Reviews are NOT reflecting the Hi-Q pledge: 

�Provide the best product and service or NONE at all!� 

We know that we have THOUSANDS of satisfied customers, BUT there a  hand full who has not bothered to contact us to correct any problem (IF ANY)and gone ahead and made their comments THAT I DECLARE as untruth an even LIES! Therefore, here is the PROBLEM: eham DOES NOT allow the manufacturer to reply these demeaning comments and there stands the bad review forever for those who do use these reviews as their input of choosing a product!  We have called, wrote letters to eham.net however, one statement came back as SUE us if you do not like it, WE WILL NOT remove it. So where is the FAIR and BALANCED presentation of FACTS!

We still assume that one is innocent until proven guilty! 

We ask our customers to research ALL of the products available in the HF mobile antenna needs, then choose the best one suited for their application and THEN if the Hi-Q- Antenna was chosen, use it as it was intended to be. IF there was something to complain about the product or service: CALL US to take care of it BEFORE you go to the WORLD and take away our opportunity to correct it!

Moreover, if not satisfied, YES then write you complain to eham.net.

We also believe that those who has written untruths and lies, THEY DO NOT DESERVE a Hi-Q product and welcome to send it back for a full refund! 

Best 73�s from the Hi-Q TEAM 

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