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These pages will show you the ACTUAL MEASURED Hi-Q antenna Mechanical/Electrical performance.
NOT the Mr. KNOW it ALL gestimation you find published on websites, NOR the results of any mobile antenna shootout’s using Harbour Freight $9.00 DVOM.

This page updated, as NEW projects developed and tested.


"RF" Rapid Tuning Antennas

RT, RAPID TUNING antenna components:

CONTACTOR  and the fingers stock after 135,000  cycles!
Finger stock wear  (Silver, Gold plated)
After 135,000 cycles
The NEW Hi-Q Military Ruggedized  
PIRANHA antenna.
The Mil. PIRANHA mounting base.

Small details:  Cable Re-Strain and Moisture absorbent.

The NEW Improved, Patented Hi-Q tuning system.

The Hi-Q PIRANHA Family:
L-R Mil version, BLACK and Standard.
A NEW Feature: A magnet travels with the CONTACTOR, showing the location ,
where the antenna is tuned to

Magnet to indicate Tuned Position
The NEW Hi-Q PIRANHA 5" Loading Coil, Silver plated Internal components, 9 lbs 40" tall.     The Contactor (Magnet) at 160 M pos. The Contactor (Magnet is in the 10 M pos.)

This Hi-Q HF Ground Penetrating HF antenna (5-20 MHz) was developed for
NASA's Asteroid Program "MATISSA"
To be lunched to space, land on the "IDAHO POTATO" Asteroid and do

HEY, BRAND X makers where is yours?
Hi-Q-4 HF Submarine antenna under test.

This is the NEW SPEPPER MOTOR - Lead Screw for the "RT" antenna.
It tunes from 1.6-60 MHz in < 70 ms. OR QSY within the band in < 20 ms.
RT antenna under TORTURE test, 24 hrs. 4 days, 153,000 cycles.

Hi-Q Submarine HF Emergency antenna controller For the Swedish Submarines Hi-Q Submarine Antenna control box. Six set of Hi-Q-4.5/1.6-60 MHz Submarine antenna loading coils For the
Swedish navy.
Submarine antenna stepper motors and lead screws For the Hi-Q-4.5 antennas.

Hi-Q Submarine antenna VSWR curves
Sub. Antenna VSWR curve Hi-Q-4.5/1.6-60 MHz Submarine antenna VSWR curve. Submarine Emergency antenna Stepper motor controllers.

Hi-Q Sub. Emergency HF antenna. Hi-Q-6 Loading Coil, after 135,000 cycles!
No wear that would show that the 50 micron silver plating has worn off.

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VSWR, Bandwidth, and Smith Charts and Hi-Q Antenna EZNEC Models

Smith Charts

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EZNEC Models